குழந்தைகளுக்கான இணையதளங்கள்

1) சந்திரமாமா

2)  National Geographic for Kids

3) PBS Kids

4) Disney Playhouse

5)  Scholastic

6) Nick Jr.


8) Kids Health
9)  Fun activities - For Girls

10) Fun activities for boys and girls

11) Houghton Mifflin Mathematics has a great sight for help with this math book.
12) READING ROCKETS is a multimedia project offering information and resources
on how young children learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help.

13) STARFALL "Where children have fun learing to read" is a free public serevice website primarily for 1st graders,
but also suitable for kindergarten and 2nd grade. An excelent site based on research at the
National Institute for Child Health abd Human Development about how children learn to read.

14) Get Ready to Read

15) Natural Library of Virtual Manipulatives-

16) That Quiz-Fun Math activites

17)  White House for Kids


19) A Free online community for ages 8-15,  kids join a veirtual world to chat and play games, but
instead of fighting cyberdragons, Whyville runs for the Senate.  Write for The Whyville times and earn "clams-
-learning about about civics, art, science and economics. They partnership with NASA and the  J. Paul
Getty Museum.